the shaver crew

New Blog Say What!?

Like I said in this weeks “Beating the Mondaze,” blogging has been something I’ve had mixed emotions about. I love doing it, but I’ve often been stopped by the idea that no one reads it, so what’s the point of writing. However, I’ve recently decided that blogging is for me, and that’s what matters. Since I decided to dive into this thing called “a lifestyle blog,” I decided a fresh start may be necessary. So I got a new URL / new space of the internet, and named it specifically after my life.

The Shaver Crew.

It’s what I call my family (A.K.A. me + Aaron). When I got married, I got a new name, and I took that opportunity to kind of “re-brand myself,” and I love it. Sarah Shaver is more adventurous, brave, and wild.

Another reason I’ve been hesitant to blog on a regular basis is I feel as though my life is pretty boring. Ha. Yeah, right. My life is only boring to me, because to everyone else, I’m the girl that left everything she knew and loved to move across the country with her husband to completely start over. New house – new job – new friends – new life. How is that boring?

That was another motivator for me to create a blog solely dedicated to my life. For as much as I try to say my life is not that interesting, I know it probably is to other people.

Anyway, all that to say, WELCOME TO THE SHAVER CREW BLOG! I’m so happy you stopped by to read and I hope you’ll check back regularly to read what’s new.


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