being aaron, the shaver crew

Happy Birthday Aaron!!!

When I was prepping to write this post, I was having a hard time thinking of anything interesting we had done this week. Then I looked through some pictures on my phone and realized I did have some stuff to share…. hahaha clearly I’m more tired then I think I am. Coffee please!?


Last Thursday I enjoyed some “me time” by sitting at Starbucks with an iced coffee, my computer, my Bible + journal. I got to catch up on some writing (which I love to do) and even got to study the word a little. It was nice to shake up my surroundings. I should do it more often 😉


After working at Starbucks all day on Saturday, I decided I should probably Skype with my folks, so I logged on and after an hour of catching up, Aaron got home from work and joined the conversation. My mom snapped this photo of us and posted it on Facebook. We even got Katara in the shot, even though she was half asleep 😛 Personally, I really like this photo 😀

unnamed (2)

Sunday was my mother-in-law’s birthday, so we celebrated by spending the day together (all 5 of us). We went to church, then went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. We wrapped it up by taking a walk around a park and then coming home to having some cookie cake. Yum!

unnamed (4)

& here is me and Amberlyn sitting in the back of the car as we drove to all these different places 😛unnamed (3)

For Labor Day, I was at Starbucks from 1-8pm (but Aaron worked 1:30 – 10pm). On the way home, I decided to have a girls night – A.K.A. just me with ice cream + chick flick. It was great!

unnamed (1)Other then that, it’s been a pretty low-key week (and by low-key, I mean busy with work hahaha).


On another note, today is a very special day. Today is Aaron’s birthday! 😀


Aaron is not the kind of guy that needs his birthday to be made a big deal. He likes the calm, subtle things. He just wants to be with loved ones and maybe do a little something special. I’m the one who likes to blow it up into a national holiday hahaha. I believe that birthdays are a big deal, especially for the people I love. To me, they deserve it. And my husband definitely deserves it! So I’m going to brag about him to you… just for a paragraph – I promise! 😉

6 spaceneedle3

Aaron is such a selfless guy, always thinking of other people and doing whatever it takes to make them happy. He lives by the verse Proverbs 17:22 – “A cheerful heart does good like medicine.”  He loves to laugh and brighten other people’s day. It’s a gift he has and loves to share with everyone he is around. Aaron is the kind of guy that is all in, no matter what he’s doing. He is brave, strong, and loves so deeply. I am honored every day that he chose me to be his wife. Happy Birthday Hubbie!!!!! 🙂 I love you, to infinity & beyond!


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