being aaron, the shaver crew

Aaron’s Birthday Shenanigans

Aaron woke up mid-morning and we decided to go make some breakfast. He was immediately bombarded by Rick & Amberlyn (my father & sister-in-law) singing / yelling “Happy Birthday.”

Aaron’s birthday breakfast of choise was cinnamon waffles (made by yours truly 😉

unnamed (8)

As soon as we were done eating, we got ready for the day and then headed out the door so we could run a couple errands before I had to head off to work. But while I was gone they picked up his birthday present from his folks (a basketball hoop) and got the food to make Aaron’s dinner request – steak – and other goodies. I came home from work to a house filled with the smell of delicious, mouth-watering food.

thursdayIt was a meal that had too many good options, so everyone’s plates were full!

unnamed (6)

Aaron was in heaven!

unnamed (7)Right after dinner, I gave Aaron his birthday gift. Here is the video I took of him opening it –

Disclosure :: Aaron has this… annoying …. ability to guess the gifts he is getting with absolutely no hints or giveaways what so ever. He loves it, but only because he is never wrong.

We finished off the day by watching the new Avengers movie. The next night we continued the festivities by playing a 3 on 1 game of basketball (me, Michelle & Rick against Aaron). We also played a game of poker, which I beat Aaron at by the way! ;D I was so excited haha.

All in all, Aaron says he had a fantastic birthday and was so glad he got to spend the day with family!

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