being sarah

the lie from social media

Yes, I do believe that social media can lie to us. Let me tell you why –

unnamed (9)

Very few people will truly share their “ugly” moments on the internet, especially today’s generation. There is very little honesty of what is truly going on in our lives. We have a tendency to only share the good, which gives the illusion that our life is perfect. Flawless.

But why do we do this? Why do we only post the highlights of our lives and very rarely the raw, unedited stuff? Because we believe it’s unappealing. It won’t get us more followers. It won’t get us more Retweets or LIKES.

However, I believe the “solution” is all in the way we VIEW social media. Social media is a phenomenal tool, and I by no means am asking you to delete your accounts, I just want to leave you with this thought –

Although we cannot change social media, we can change how our minds see it. The real clincher is that we compare our “behind the scenes” to everyone else’s best moments. And that is where we can find ourselves in trouble.

So I encourage you today, as your scrolling through the latest updates from your friends, to remember that no one’s life is perfect. Everyone has something going on. Don’t feel discouraged because their photo got more LIKES than yours or they have more followers than you. If you ask me, social media famous is weird famous 😉

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