the shaver crew

football, days off & sunrises

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope your week is going well and you have something fun planned for the weekend.


As always, here is the weekly update from the Shaver Crew. These past 7 days have been filled with work & a little bit of fun.

Last Saturday I went to one of my 1st grader’s flag-football games. It was so much fun to see a bunch of little kids playing.


On the sideline, the parent’s were really getting into it and when they weren’t watching the kids make great passes or run across the field for a touchdown, they were checking their phones and updating each other on the score of the Auburn football game. It’s so funny to see “the football craze” in real life. It’s so apart of the culture down here (I don’t really care about college football though – I’m an NFL girl;)

Sunday was a work day for Aaron but a “day off” for me. So while Aaron was gone I cleaned our house, watched a couple shows I wanted to catch up on, did multiple loads of laundry, got some computer work done, and even watched a movie with my inlaws. While we were watching the movie, I glanced down at the floor and saw all the animals napping. Happy Sunday!

unnamed (10)

Tuesday I was up before the sunrise to meet up with some girls from church. Back in Washington, my job always had me up before the sun and I loved watching the sunrise every morning. It quickly became one of my favorite things and a highlight of my morning. So being able to see it again provided such an awesome start to my morning. Not to mention meeting new friends over biscuits and tea! 🙂


Rick, Aaron & I finished off the day by playing a game of Poker – a game I recently learned how to play. After many rounds, I ended up cleaning both Aaron & Rick out, making me the winner – for the very 1st time. I was ecstatic! Still am actually! 😀

In the middle of a round, I looked up and saw this gorgeous sunset and immediately stood up to take a picture. Simply gorgeous!


Other than that, we’ve mostly been working.


What about you? How has your week been? Any highlights?

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