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Katara + MoMo’s 1st vet appointment

Sorry for the late “Funny Friday” post. Amberlyn & I woke up early to take Katara + MoMo to the vet for the very first time.

unnamed (6)

We were waiting in the lobby and I was trying to record the two dogs parking at each other, and I ended up catching this gem – 😛

The vet appointment went great though! The Dr. said Katara was gorgeous and a really laid-back kitty, & MoMo is “gonna be a big cat!” Anyway, the Dr. said both kittens are really healthy (which made Amberlyn & I really happy) and we got them all the shots they needed. Katara was first and handled everything like a pro, but MoMo…. well, he didn’t handle it as well. I couldn’t resist taking a video, so here it is –

It’s not even noon yet and I already feel like I’ve done a lot today haha. Anyway, hope those couple of videos brighten up your Friday. Have a great weekend! 😀

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