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start each day with….


How do you start your day? What’s your morning routine? Do you have one? Even if you think your mornings are random, I’m sure you have some things that you do every single day. Like brush your teeth? Shower? Check your emails?

I’ll tell you my morning routine ::

7am – alarm goes off & I get up

7am – 8am – go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, read my Bible, pray, get dressed, make tea &/or breakfast

8am – check emails & start work

I’m pretty consistant every morning within this amount of time. After 8am it can be up in the air depending on if I have a meeting or errands to run, but that first hour of my day is typically always the same.


Today, I want to encourage you to start each day with a grateful heart. The way I do this is by spending time with God before I check social media or even get something to eat. I feel like I give God the beginning of my day if I do this, and I want to start my day off with being thankful. & what better way to show my gratitude than by spending some quality time with him right away!?

Maybe your day is already well under way – start tomorrow. Find something every morning to be grateful for. First thing! Even on the tough days.  Expressing at least one thing that you’re thankful for can turn your whole day around. And, it adds a nice positive start to your day.

Have a great Monday!

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