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First of all – I can’t believe we’re already in October. Time seems to be going by so quickly these days. I remember being a kid and hearing adults say that and thinking they were crazy because to me, time was going so slow. Now I totally get it! hahahaha 😀

Anyway, I hope everyone’s week is going good. It’s been hectic over here with the Shaver Crew (as usual). Let’s get to the week, shall we!?


MONDAY my father-in-law and I decided to shake up our surroundings and we went to a coffee shop a town over to get some business stuff done. We were really productive which always makes me feel good!


When it came to getting a drink, I used to never get anything other than a drink that had some kind of lemonade in it or (if that wasn’t an option) a muffin, but now I’ve really gotten into tea, so I feel like I graduated and it makes me feel so “adult” to sip & carry around a hot-cup hahahaha 😛 it’s the little things people.unnamed (9)

TUESDAYs is my small group, and we get together pretty early. So every Tuesday I get to watch the sunrise, which I LOVE! To be honest, I love sunrises more than sunsets (however, these Alabama sunsets are definitely a very close 2nd). I couldn’t not capture this shot – isn’t is gorgeous!?


Over the weekend, I decided to start making “vlogs,” which is really exciting to me! I’ve never done much with video but I love having them to look back on and was wishing I’d take more of actual life rather then just when Katara was playing. So, I decided to record a whole day. Wednesday’s schedule was packed full so I thought it’d be fun to get it all on video. I put together a mini short film on Sunday because I was so antsy to give it a try, but I feel like this is my first OFFICIAL short film.


I hope you have a great Thursday! 🙂

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