being sarah

Great Scott! It’s October 21st, 2015

Do you know what day it is today?



Although the 1985 film’s “prediction” of 2015 is a little off, it definitely brings some laughs. For example, we don’t have clothes that can shrink to fit our exact size (like the jacket Marty wears when he’s trying to impersonate his son), nor do we have an actual hoverboard (but it seems like we’re taking steps in that direction).zboard-back-to-the-future I also found it humorous that the film portrays that the fashion in 2015 would be similar to the capitol in The Hunger Games (a series that came out 23 years later).



All that to say, I hope you enjoy BACK TO THE FUTURE day & make sure to say “Hey” to Marty McFly & Doc if you see them around town 😉

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