the shaver crew

the beginning of fall

Good Morning friends! Let me start out by saying THANK YOU for reading my little space of the internet! I really enjoy blogging & it’s nice to know I’m not completely writing just for nostalgia 😉


FRIDAY morning Aaron & I woke up to the news that in the middle of the night, Katara had been “attacked.” It was unclear what got to her but she had some skin hanging off her body. It seemed pretty minor so we weren’t terribly concerned, we were just called she was okay. But then we noticed how unusually mellow she was – she slept for almost the entire day and meowed practically any time she moved too much – very contradictory to her usual bouncy, active self.


Rick & Aaron shaved around the wound to get a better look…


After getting a good look at it, Aaron decided to take her to the vet and sure enough, she needed stitches…. 4 of them. We asked them what they thought may have gotten to her to cause this, and they didn’t know. As soon as she got back home she was her chipper, active, happy self. Looking at where the stitches were, we think a hawk or owl got to her and tried to pick her up, but she somehow broke free and, in doing so, tore her skin. Whatever it was, her muscles are perfectly fine! Thank goodness. All that to say, Katara is back to her happy self & we’re going back to the vet early next week to get the stitches out.


This weekend was a good mix of being out & staying in. Plus, Fall came into full swing over the weekend, and I was beyond thrilled! It was cold, crisp, sunny and breezy. My kind of weather!


Tribe Shaver enjoyed the SUNDAY afternoon outside playing with Meemaw’s puppies and trying to throw the football into the basketball hoop (which Aaron did successfully by the way).



Aaron & I also got to watch some SEAHAWKS!!!!! 😀 being able to chill on the couch with him is one of my favorite things! 🙂

unnamed (1)

I documented the whole weekend & made a short film – you can check it out if you haven’t already ::


WEDNESDAY (yesterday) I finally accomplished something I’ve subconsciously been putting off for a few days now – taking pictures of the puppies so they can be sold.


The photos turned out great & I shared most of them in puppy overload.


To finish up this post, I’m going to brag about my hubs for a minute 😉 yesterday while I was working, hunched over my laptop typing blog posts, growing my photography business & scheduling appointments, Aaron came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and squeezed while planting a kiss on my cheek. He did this several times and it made my heart melt each time.

unnamed (2)


Thanks guys for following along with the Shaver Crew!


  • what’s the weather like where you are? does it feel like fall?

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