being sarah, the shaver crew

my favorite moments from 2015

I’m the kind of person that LOVES documenting my life. Probably explains why I have a personal journal to feed my love for writing, a blog to fuel my love for putting photographs to words, a vlog to capture pure emotion + put music to it, & why I’m on multiple social media platforms.

So, understandably, I wanted to dedicated this post to “my favorite moments of 2015”



[my cousin had her baby girl – Zoey]


[Aaron & I decided we were going to move to Alabama]


[for my 21st birthday gift to myself, I got my first tattoo]


[Aaron & I got to go on multiple weekend vacations around the Northwest]



[I had the honor of taking my brother’s Senior photos]


[in celebration of our 1 year anniversary, Aaron & I did a “Trash the Dress” shoot]


[After 2 years of working for Guardian Security, I had my last day]


[my younger brother graduated]

5 dan's graduation

[we ate at the top of the Spaceneedle for the 1st time]

6 spaceneedle

[Aaron & I moved to Alabama]

7 moving7 moving3

[after watching online for over a year, we finally got to join Church of the Highlands]


[we added Katara to our family]

10 Katara

unnamed (2)

[I got to go back to Seattle for 10 days]


[we got to spend our first FULL year together as Mr. & Mrs.]

12 Chigago


it’s been a year full of ups, downs, successes & challenges – but it’s been a good year. I’m thankful for our new home in Alabama & the friendships we are growing here.

2016 is going to be a great year! I am so excited to see what it brings the Shaver Crew.

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