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1st week of 2016

Now that the holidays are over, I finally feel like I can get back into some kind of routine – which means some short of blog schedule.

We’re gonna kick this one off by starting out with the last day of 2015!



The day started off by me taking my very last picture for the photography project I had taken on that year – Project 365 (you take a photo every day  of the year). It was tough, and I did consider giving up a couple times, but I so enjoyed knowing I had accomplished it! I’m glad to have it under my belt.


My in-laws were off camping at Cheaha Mountain, which is also the highest point in the state of Alabama (2,411 feet… Being from Washington State, where the highest point is over 14,000 feet, I giggled a bit 😀 sorry Alabama!)

Late in the afternoon, Aaron & I decided to take the gorgeous drive up there to say hi real quick. It was beautiful!


On the way up to the top, there was a pullout where you could park and enjoy the view. Aaron & I stopped & immediately whipped out our cameras to take photos 😛20151231_152108_HDR



We continued the drive and finally made it to the top where the campsite was. We met my in-laws who were anxiously awaiting our arrival so they could show us a short hike they found. We hopped in their car and drove the bumpy gravel road to the trail head.


It wasn’t long before we reached this breathtaking stream!


Again, we whipped out our cameras and started exploring.




It was stunning! I always love finding places in Alabama that are like this – forest, water, nature. It brings me back to my roots.



We made our way back to the campsite where MeeMaw joined us for a camping style dinner.




Aaron & I rang in the new year together sitting on our couch watching the new Mission Impossible movie. It was fun to watch the time, date & year change on our phones. Very low key, but that’s how we roll 😛



On our property, there’s an area that is fenced all the way around. It looks like it used to be garden, but has since been severely overthrown by weeds. In preparation to make our own garden, the tribe decided to tear the weeds out. It was cold, and working in the yard did not warm us up a bit. By the end of it, we were glad for what we had accomplished, and are excited to get some fresh fruit + veggies someday!




We kicked off 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting by waking up at 5:30am to make it to our church campus by 6am for an hour of worship + prayer. Loved it! Plus, it gives me an opportunity to see sunrises again 😀


Aaron fulfilled a dream of his by purchasing a cross-bow. We took it out in the yard to shoot it, and man was it fun! 🙂 I love my man ❤




During these 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting, we’re doing “the Daniel Fast” which is where you only eat natural foods (fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.). Amberlyn (my sister-in-law) & I  decided to make some homemade, Daniel Fast approved, salsa! And it was BOMB! My mouth is watering now just thinking about it 😛 haha.

I decided to take photos throughout the process & I am SO glad I did! I wrote up a blog post with the recipe + instructions on what to do, & then share it online with some ladies from church who are also doing the Daniel Fast. They told me they were so blessed by it – my heart just about melted! 😀


I instantly became inspired. Since I plan on continuing this healthy lifestyle even after the 21 days is over (with a couple add-ins of course), I’m planning on posting some recipes every now & then 🙂 I can’t wait!



That’s pretty much it for the Shaver Crew. Looking forward to getting back into keeping weekly accounts of what’s been going on!


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