weekend recap #1

Happy Monday morning! I hope you had a great weekend & are ready to jump into this week.


Here’s a recap of the weekend ::

SATURDAY was Rick’s (my father-in-law) birthday, so we celebrated by having a tribe game night. Because we’re on the Daniel Fast, celebrating with food isn’t really an option, so we took a reign-check and will be cashing it in shortly after the 21 days are over.


We played Qwirkle, which is one of our favorite games! It’s basically Scrabble but with shapes & colors. Aaron & I love it, and we always get people we’ve introduced it too HOOKED! 😛

SUNDAY we kicked off the morning by going to church (love it!). Immediately after, I had an engagement session so I raced over to the park where we were meeting.


The temperature was starting to drop and boy did it feel like it! It was breezy too which never helps anything. But the session went beautifully & I am so happy with the photos taken! Here’s one just for you 😉

IMG_2133 labled

Aaron worked all weekend at Starbucks, so other than what I listed above it was a very low key, sit on the couch kind of weekend for me.

Now I’m sitting at my computer with a to-do list & I’m ready to conquer it. Have a great Monday y’all! 🙂


Question of the day :: what did you do this weekend? what’s your favorite board game to play?

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