being sarah

weekend recap #2

SATURDAY came & my weekend started off with 9am Prayer service at Church of the Highlands, which was phenomenal as always!

Immediately after I drove Aaron to work & then went to Plato’s Closet in hopes of selling some of my unwanted items.


Let me tell you right now, there is some sort of “secret” to selling stuff to Plato’s Closet & I need to figure out what it is. Every time I try to sell anything, I leave with pretty much everything (if not completely everything) I walked in with. Makes me feel like I have no sense of style, & I know that’s not it 😛

I brought in 3 bags full of clothes, shoes, accessories & purses.



They ended up taking one light jacket & one purse. That’s it. I “sold” them for $8 and something cents. But I bought a 4 items so I used it as credit. I was really excited about my purchases though 🙂

I also got caught up on American Idol.


I haven’t paid attention to the last 2 seasons (when they did a list of all the winners on the show, they got to the last 2 and I was like, “who the heck are they? Never heard of them!”), but since it’s the Farewell Season, I figured I’d watch an episode or two to see if it’d be any good. To my surprise, I immediately became interested and am now all caught up & have all future episodes recorded. 2 of my favorite country singers came from the show, so who knows, I might be able to add another favorite 😉

SUNDAY began with church at 11:30am (we desperately needed to sleep in 🙂 ). It was one of the “special Sundays” where we merge together with the main campus during worship, & we all worship together. It’s so awesome and one of Aaron’s favorite things about our church.


Immediately after service, I went to the Growth Track – Step 3 where I learned more about my spiritual gifts.


I love, love, LOVE how our church puts people first! It was amazing to see how true my results were to who God made me to be & where the best place for me to serve is. Next Sunday I make my decision of which “department” I’ll be serving in, so stay tuned 😉

The rest of the day consisted of Aaron working & me sitting on the couch watching movies from Netflix. I definitely needed the R&R and now I’m pumped and ready to tackle this week.


Question of the day :: do you have any tips for selling stuff to Plato’s Closet? what’s your favorite thing about your church?

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