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is this my big break?


Tuesday night I was browsing Pinterest when I saw pictures of a At Home Lifestyle session.

12376373_10208004735853401_2914892459733095030_nInstantly, I was hooked & was dying to take photos like that for someone. So I posted in my VIP Facebook group (a private group I created for past + potential clients) & immediately got a girl who was interested in a session exactly like that. We picked a day to meet, and I went to bed. The next morning, I decided to be brave and post the exact same post on a couple Facebook Groups I’m apart of for surrounding cities. Within 2 hours, I had over a dozen comments, 5 personal messages & 3 emails. I couldn’t respond fast enough. I was extatic and overwhelemed all at the same time. Immediately, I stopped what I was doing & just gave thanks to God.

By the end of day Thursday, I had 9 scheduled meetings with potential clients.

Today, I met with 2 of the 9 couples who had reached out to me.


Each of them were so kind & loved hearing my story (mainly how I got into photography & what brought me to Alabama). They had charming stories themselves and we clicked immediately. I shared with them my vision for the session & each couple was 100% on board! With a couple personal touches, we planned the perfect shoot! They both booked on the spot & I cannot wait to take their pictures.


Excited doesn’t even being to describe how I’m feeling. I’m ecstatic, in awe, thankful, overwhelmed (in a good way), & giving God all the glory.


I wanted to share all this because I don’t ever want to forget where I came from. I always want to remember what “my big break” was, and I feel like this might be it. 😀

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