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weekend recap #3

This was a very hectic, busy weekend. Let me start off by saying that. There wasn’t really any “relaxing” that happened, but rather constant appointments or interaction with people. Let’s take a deeper look ::


FRIDAY started with the final weekday of 6am prayer at Church of the Highlands. It was a phenomenal hour spending time with God. Our campus pastor shared this photo on Instagram & I had to reshare it!


Immediately after that I had 2 meetings with potential clients. So I got ready and drove over to the Starbucks & chatted with them.


There was a threat of snow here in Alabama (something no one takes lightly), so everything closed early. After School Care closed 2 hours earlier than usual so I only worked for an hour & 15 minutes. It was my co-councelor’s, Kaitlyn’s, last day there though because she got another job. It was a bummer, but I am so excited for this  new endevor. Here’s a throwback photo in her memory 😛


Since we got off early, I hurried home and changed immediately into sweat pants and sat on the couch with Aaron as he watched basketball.


SATURDAY was the grand-finale of 21 Days of Prayer. It was an amazing 21 days & God did some amazing things (I’ll be writing a post in more detail later this week)!

Most of the day afterwards was spent getting the house ready for Amberlyn’s surprise party (Rick + Michelle’s idea). Quite a few of her friends came and our driveway was compltely full of cars.


When she walked in to the house, she was so surprised and never expected a thing. Her face was priceless! 🙂 After a couple minutes of her walking around and saying hello to those who came, we lit up her favorite ice cream cake & sang the oh so popular song, “Happy Birthday.”


Because the 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting was technically over, that meant we could treat ourselves to “normal food.” We had a bonfire at the party & I had a delicious brotworst. Goodness, it was yummy!


SUNDAY started off with church (as always 😛 ). Aaron & I both happened to wear beanies that day & since he hardly ever wears them (unlike me – I seem to always wear them), I decided it was important to take a picture of the two of us. Plus, we don’t have many pictures together these days…


After church service, Michelle and I sat in on two classes. One was small group training so I can lead a small group eventually, and the other was Step 4 of the Growth Track (I’ve been going to the steps all month). They always serve lunch, but because I was doing the Daniel Fast I wasn’t able to eat it. I was so excited to take that little sitrophome box and eat the goodies inside.


Step 4 is where we get to pick where in the church we want to serve. I chose “Students” (middle school, high school, + college). I met with some of the people who also serve in that group and they were so excited to have me. I’m SO excited to be apart of it. It’s a perfect fit for me! 🙂

At 2pm, we were done and Michelle and I headed home. As soon as we pulled into our driveway, I had to set up for a mini-Valentine’s session with 2 cute kiddos. Here’s a sneak peek of their photo shoot ::

IMG_0196 labled.jpg

Talk about precious! ❤

Aaron & I closed out the evening by going to a Bible Study with some friends. It was a great time of food, leaning & fellowship.


So that was our weekend. How was yours?


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