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busy week + little treats

The past couple weeks, I’ve been busy! Which I don’t mind, especially since I’ve been meeting with potential clients, collaborating with fellow vendors, or photographing session – & that’s not including my every day life like eating (because we can’t forget that 😛 ), sleeping (also important), spending time with Aaron, Monday nights with the tribe, church, church activities, etc.

Needless to say – I’ve been busy.

BUT, not too busy to capture a couple things along the way 😉


Last week I got an envelope in the mail with handwriting that looked awfully familiar. I opened the envelop to find a post card & a note written on the back from my old co-worker (& friend), Cami. Post cards were kind of our inside joke from our “Alley days” (inside joke – sorry 😉 ) so I always smile real big whenever I get one in the mail from her.


Remember when I said I’ve had a lot of meetings? Well, 90% of them have been in various coffee shops. This particular one was at O’Henry’s in Homewood (a well off, somewhat expensive part of town for those who don’t know). The tea + muffin was delicious though, & my “client” & I got along great! I love it when I can become friends with my clients! 😛


Next up was the weekend (which I don’t know why I get so excited about it, I always work on photography stuff so I never really get a chill day…). You can read all about this past weekend in my Weekend Recap post.


WEDNESDAY (yesterday) was a busy one for me. I woke up at 7am sharp to get myself up and ready for a very long day of constantly moving. At 8am I met with a previous client to give her her photos. 9am I had breakfast with a Wedding Planner who I’m working with on a project (more to come later 😉 ).


12pm I drove to another Panera to meet with a potential client for lunch.


1:15pm I met with my last potential client of the day at Starbucks. Immediately after that I rushed to the Elementary School for After School Care. 3 hours later, I went home, ate a quick dinner, then turned right back around with Aaron to go to First Wednesday at Church of the Highlands.


Every First Wednesday we have a guest speaker, & this month was Pastor John Gray. He is a phenomenal speaker & he brought the word HARD last night!

{fun fact :: I actually photographed him at Christian Faith Center’s (in Federal Way, Washington) VISION Conference in March 2015.}



Here are some phenomenal quotes from his message::

We are book 67 of the Bible (there are only 66 books), because non-Christians may never read the Bible, but they WILL read your life.


The Church is not a museum for the spiritual elite, it’s a hospital for sinners.


If everyone in my circle is saved, my circle is too small




It’s been a good, crazy, exhausting, long week, but I’m so thankful!

Have a great day! 🙂

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