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weekend recap #6

FRIDAY kicked off with 2 sessions for the mommy+baby model call. Both of my clients had baby girls which was so much fun! This has been such a fun model call and I’m not even done yet 😀

IMG_2273 labled.jpg

IMG_2109 labled.jpg

After a Viewing & Order appointment with a past client (I meet with them and play a slideshow of their photos and they choose what products they want to purchase), I went to hang out with my 1st graders. When it was time to go, I drove home to join in on a small group my inlaws and I are hosting. It’s where we watch the CBS show The Amazing Race with other fans like ourselves. It was fun & I am definitely looking forward to the rest of this semester!


SATURDAY, Aaron & I got to sleep in, which was nice! After I got up and got ready, I was out the door for another mommy+baby lifestyle session – but this time I had a friend coming with me 🙂 She’s a hair & makeup artiest and we agreed to team up. So any session I do from now on I can offer my clients hair + makeup. It’s awesome and I am super excited! 😀


The session went phenomenal! Liz (my client) was so awesome and her son, Grayson, did a great job!


He got a little fussy towards the end but overall he did a good job & I love the photos I captured!

IMG_2349 labled.jpg

Later that afternoon, once Aaron was off to work, I went to a friend’s Pampered Chef party. We baked “skinny mac+chees” and a “s’mores cake.” Both were delicious!


To wrap up the night, I spent the evening with some friends before heading home and passing out.

SUNDAY – Valentine’s Day – was super low key for us. Aaron & I are not huge Valentine’s Day people because we believe you should express your love for your sweetheart throughout the year, not just on one day.

That being said, I woke up early to go to a At Home Lifestyle Couple session. Oh my gosh, it was a dream! The setting was great and the couple was amazing! I loved photographing them and we all had a great time! Here’s a sneak peek of the shoot ::

IMG_2635 labled

I came home to find Aaron not feeling well, so we spent the day chilling at home. I made him breakfast (a favorite of ours) & we watched a movie I rented from RedBox.


We basically just cuddled on the couch all day – which was great! Oh, and Katara hung out with us for a bit too!


We went to bed shortly after our romantic comedy movie ended. It was a good V-day for us! ❤


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