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training plan for my first 5k

I believe that if you tell others about your goals, you’ll be more likely to accomplish them. That being said, I wanted to share with you guys something I am going to be doing this year.

On May 28th, I’ll be participating in my first ever 5k Color Run. I have always wanted to participate in one of these, and when I saw they were coming to Birmingham, I decided right off the bat that I was going to run the whole thing! Which honestly, makes me even more excited.


I emailed a fitness blogger I follow and asked her what training she recommended I do for it, and she directed me to Hal Higdon Training website. I immediately picked “novice” and am very happy with the 8 week plan he shared. What’s really nice too, is the race is 14 weeks away, so I can just continue to build my endurance and get stronger. Ahh, I’m excited just thinking about it! 😛


I have wanted to be “a runner” for a couple years now, but I’ve never had the right motivation. I played half-a-dozen sports throughout my childhood, but any endurance I had has since been lost, so I’m basically starting from scratch. But since I’ve wanted to do a Color Run for a while now, and this time, I feel like I have the right motivation (to check something off my bucket list) & I have plenty of time, I feel more than ever before that it is possible.

Anyway, I’ll be starting “training” on Monday, so I’ll keep y’all posted 🙂

Have an awesome weekend! 😀

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