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weekend recap #7

FRIDAY started off with my heart melting over my 1st graders. The girls in my group decided to make a club, and to be in the club you had to have a heart & smiley face drawn on your hand. The girls wanted me to be in the club, so I gave them my right hand. When I took it back, I saw not only did I have a smiley face & a heart, but I also had something extra.


Instantly, my heart melted. These kids make me smile ❤

SATURDAY was a busy one. I woke up early and headed over to my make-up artist’s house before a client was supposed to be there for her “mom+baby” session.


When she was all dolled up, we headed over to a park to take her photos.


The photos turned out great!

IMG_3800 labled.jpg

After their shoot, Amanda & I went to another session for my “At Home Lifestyle Session” couple – Whitney + Taylor.

IMG_4017 labled

Their photos turned out really fun ~ so make sure you follow SMS Photography on Instagram to see the final product 😉

I LOVE working with Amanda! We are a great team & I’m so blessed to have her not only as a work partner, but also as a friend!


I headed home to pick up Aaron and we went to a friend’s birthday party.


We played some games & ate some yummy snacks. So glad we got to celebrate with her!


SUNDAY we woke up, went to church, & then went to another “At Home Lifestyle Session,” but this one was a little more laid back than usual because….

IT WAS FOR AMANDA (my hair+makeup artist).

[back story] – the whole reason we even met was because she had seen my post about looking for couples who were interested in this type of session and she reached out to me about it. We went to Starbucks to talk  & immediately hit it off. Since then, we’ve hung out multiple times, her kids love me, her husband assumes we’re always hanging out if he’s at work, and we became work partners… & we hadn’t even done her session yet! 😛

But yesterday, we finally got that checked off.


[this picture was Michael (their 3 year old), insisting I take a photo right then. haha sorry y’all!]

I brought Aaron with me because :: 1) I wanted him to meet them. 2) I figured he could help me with the boys while I took some photos of just Trent + Amanda. Their kiddos fell in love with Aaron, so that made it really easy!


Their photos turned out really cute, & I am so excited to post more! 😉

IMG_4211 labled.jpg

After their session, Aaron & I went to Bible Study. We love that community! After that was over we came home and went straight to be because Aaron had to open this morning.


My weekends rarely are restful because that’s the prime time for photo sessions, but this weekend was a great one! I loved hanging out with my friend throughout the whole thing & then getting to hang out & take photos of her family!

Now excuse me while I desperately try to catch up on some computer work. :/

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