being sarah

weekend recap #8

SATURDAY kicked off with a couple business meetings + the last session from my “mommy + baby” model call. It was an amazing experience & I met some incredible mommies. However, I am thankful to have a tiny-break to finish editing photos and get them back out to my clients.

After “work,” I hung out with my friend Amanda. It was a gorgeous, sunny day in the low 60’s so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for an adventure! 😀

We took her toddlers downtown and took a long walk to a high-point where you could see the city.


Being new, I’m always up for seeing new, cool stuff around this unique city. I was so happy to have a personal tour guide!

When we reached the top, the view was stunning.


Michael (Amanda’s 3yr old son) loves taking pictures, so I captured this gem at the top 😛


The sun was starting to go down, so after we took a few pictures, we headed back.


SUNDAY was a chill day consisting of church, a family photo shoot, and then dinner with a friend. One thing I did though, since my “mommy + baby” model call is done, is something I’ve been waiting to do for a few weeks –

Something that I started doing with this model call was taking 2 polaroids of each client – one for them to keep and one for me to keep. I took a picture of all of them together and it was awesome! I am definitely continuing this 😉


It was a good weekend, and I’m excited for the week ahead! 😀


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