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weekend recap #10

FRIDAY started off early by going to Waffle House with Amanda & her kiddos. I’ve never been to Waffle House so it was cool to eat somewhere new.


It wasn’t horrible, but it’s not my “brand new favorite place to go” either.


After that I had two photo session. Here’s a preview of one of them ::

IMG_3358 labled.jpg

SATURDAY I photographed a young women’s conference in downtown Birmingham.


It was cool to see how they encouraged these young ladies to get involved in their community, choose the right college for their future plans, and running a business. I took a few notes myself! 😉


As soon as it was over, I raced home because Aaron & I were headed off on our trip to Mobile. We quickly loaded the car, and then we were off.

SUNDAY we just explored the area. We LOVE it here & we are so excited to enjoy the next few days here.



Okay, well I need to get off the computer…. we just made our plan for the day & I’m anxious to get it going! 😉


Have a great Monday!

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