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mobile vacation

On Saturday, March 12th, Aaron & I packed up and drove off towards our much needed, much longed for, vacation! We were headed down to Mobile, Alabama which is a 3 hour drive away from where we live.

When we got there, we were starving, so we grabbed some yummy Mexican food.


The atmosphere was not our favorite – drunk people singing karaoke, which wasn’t so bad EXCEPT that the volume was on full blast so you couldn’t hear the person next to you. But the food was good 😛

The next day we drove a little over an hour East towards the hotel we’d actually be staying in during our trip. It was in Fairhope, Alabama which we loved! Fairhope is a great, cute tourist town but we instantly fell in love with it! Here is a shot of the hotel we stayed in.


After we got our stuff in our room, we went to have lunch. Because we were right on the water, a lot of restaurants were seafood, so we went to this place called Gumbo Shack. I ordered a fish sandwich & Aaron had some kind of soup.


Aaron, unexpectedly, also got to cross something off his bucket list. It’s always been a dream of his to eat at a place where Guy from the Food Network had come to taste their food, and to our surprise, this little fish shop was one of those places.


After that we wandered around town & hung out at the pier. We LOVED every second of it!


Over the course of our trip, we ate some yummy food at some phenomenal places. Here are some of the photos from the restaurants –




One of the days, we went to the beach – which was probably one of my favorite moments of our trip. Being from Seattle, I get super excited over “real sand” since all I know is basically wet gravel.





The day for us to leave seemed to come too quickly, but we were so thankful for the time we got to spend together and recharge. Can’t wait to go back! 🙂





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