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Baby On Board :D || weekly updates 5-8


The Baby Is Coming!!

Aaron & I are beyond excited to announce that we are expecting! We’ve been keeping it quiet for almost 4 weeks and it’s been so hard. But now, we’re free to gab all about it! 😛

I wanted to kick it all off with “weekly updates” – basically sharing how my pregnancy symptoms have developed over these few short weeks.


Week :: 5

Symptoms :: nausea & fatigue

Food Aversions :: fried!!!

Food Cravings :: fruit

Sleep :: goes back & forth between good & horrible.

Looking Forward To :: telling family & close friends

Baby Purchases :: 2 baby outfits

Fun Stories :: chewed a non-chewable prenatal vitamin…. It was nasty!


Week :: 6

Symptoms :: nausea & fatigue

Food Aversions :: fried & greasy

Food Cravings :: kraft mac n cheese

Sleep :: deep sleep

Looking Forward To :: feeling better

Baby Purchases :: someone gave us a bassinette

Fun Stories :: told our families & close friends. LOVED seeing their reactions 🙂


Week :: 7

Symptoms :: nausea & fatigue

Food Aversions :: fried, greasy & MEAT! Specifically hamburger meat.

Food Cravings :: tuna

Sleep :: slept great

Looking Forward To :: my 1st doctor appointment

Baby Purchases :: nothing… just researching

Fun Stories :: I slept so much! I started realizing I sleep about 13/14 hours at night and then took an hour (ish) nap  in the afternoon.


Week :: 8

Symptoms :: fatigue

Food Aversions :: meat – specifically hamburger meat.

Food Cravings :: nothing specific

Sleep :: some nights it’s great, some nights it’s not…

Looking Forward To :: my prenatal appointment & posting it online

Baby Purchases :: “Baby on Board” sign for online announcement

Fun Stories :: a couple 7 years olds told me that since I was pregnant, I can only eat healthy food. No sugar – no sweets, candy, nothing that’s “bad for you.” I just nodded and said, “okay!” hahahaha


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