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finding out & sharing the news

On Friday, March 11th, Aaron left for work at 6:40am. The night before, I decided I was going to use the dollar store pregnancy test I had bought a couple months ago. I Googled how accurate a dollar store pregnancy test was. Surprisingly, multiple blogs said they were actually very accurate. So, as soon as Aaron left for work, I jumped out of bed, grabbed the test, and went to the bathroom. I had so many mixed feelings. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to see – positive or negative. I did my business and set the timer on my phone for 3minutes. I actually left the bathroom because I knew this was going to be the longest 3minutes of my life. I went into my living room and started pacing while I prayed for peace during this “whats about to happen could change everything” moment.

FINALLY, the 3minute alarm went off. I went into the bathroom and looked at the test.



To be honest, I was in shock. I picked up the test and was shaking.

But, because it was a dollar store test, I was a little doubtful that it might be right. I had a full day planned but I decided as soon as I could, I would go to Target and get a “real” test.

The day seemed to drag on forever. I tried to focus on the tasks I had at hand, but my mind kept wandering. Was I really pregnant? How would I tell Aaron? What if the dollar store test was wrong? How would I feel then?

Finally, at 3pm, I had time to go to Target and get a “real” test. I purchased it and raced into the Target bathroom. I pulled up the timer app on my phone but before I even pressed “Start” I looked at the used test and there was a big, bold + sign.


I was definitely pregnant.

Now it was time to decide how to tell Aaron. Because I had all day to think about it, I already had an idea of how I was going to to do it. I purchased the couple things I needed and went on my way.

I decided I wasn’t going to tell Aaron until the next day. We were going to be apart most of Friday night & Saturday day. Plus, Saturday afternoon was when we were leaving for our trip to Mobile, Alabama, so I decided I’d tell him right before we left.

Aaron was still at work, so I decided to put together his gift before he got home and I had my Friday small group.


I grabbed a shoe box and wrote on the lid ::

What kind of shoes will our kid mainly wear?
Converse / Vans = 1point
Basketball shoes = 0points

and then in the bottom, this is was I put in it –


I covered it with a bunch of tissue paper and wrapped it in Avengers wrapping paper.


I was so excited to tell him, Saturday morning seemed to drag on and on. Finally, it was time to head home. I called Aaron and he told me he was home and ready to load up the car. Good – the sooner we loaded up the car, I could give him the gift! 😀

Within a few minutes of me getting home, the car was packed, so I handed him the gift.

I’m going to stop there because I videoed it and it’s so much better than anything I could explain 😉


We went on our Mobile vacation and talked over a few things. Since the pregnancy was a surprise, we needed to sort out a couple things. Luckily, it took us no time at all to come up with a plan and we were able to enjoy the rest of our vacation.


When we got back, we shared the news with family and close friends. The video below shows a few of them. 🙂


It was so much fun being able to tell our loved ones!


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