being rylie, pregnancy

bump update :: week 9


Week 9


Symptoms :: fatigue  & upset stomach (if I don’t eat regularly)

Food Aversions :: fried

Food Cravings :: nothing specific. just food in general 😉

Sleep :: it takes me a bit to fall asleep some nights but once I’m asleep I sleep good.

Looking Forward To :: registering for our Washington State baby shower 😀

Baby Purchases :: nothing.

Fun Stories :: I told some 7 year olds that I wasn’t feeling good one day, and they immediately asked if I had been eating enough. I said yes and they proceeded to ask what I had for dinner the night before. “A medium bowl of Mac N Cheese.” Their eyes got real big and they said, “THAT’S NOT NEARLY ENOUGH! You’re eating for two now! You need to be eating WAY more than that!” || I thought about what they said once they left and I realized they were probably right. So I started eating a little more (& more often) and my stomach aches went away. Dang. Thanks kids! ❤

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