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registering – round #1

At the end of May, Aaron & I will be flying up to Seattle for some much needed friend + family time. Since sharing our news, I’ve been a little home-sick, so I’m really looking forward to this trip. We decided we wanted to have a baby shower up there as well to celebrate with everyone, so I’m in the midst of planning that with my mom and best friend, Michaela. On Saturday, Aaron & I went to Baby’s R Us (one of the few stores that is in Washington AND Alabama) to register.

We haven’t registered since our wedding, so it was fun to relive those days a little by holding a “gun” and scanning anything and everything we might want.


The registry gal told us to “scan, scan, scan!” so not only did we scan the things we knew for sure we wanted, but we also scanned the things we knew we’d probably want or need at some time or another. Thankfully, both Aaron & I are very practical so there was some stuff we knew we’d never use, so we didn’t scan it.

After we finished with the highchairs, bouncy toys, strollers, car seats, pack-in-plays & some storage items, we started heading to the bedroom department. On the way, we passed by rocking chairs. When I found out I was pregnant, that was one of the things I said I didn’t really need. BUT by this point in our shopping expereince, this momma needed a minute to rest, so I sat down in a rocking chair. Um, yeah… I need a rocking chair! I sat down and immediately melted. It could have been because I was tired, but I’ll be tired when the baby comes too, so it really is necessary! 😉 haha look at me, trying to justify why I need a rocking chair! 😛


We had a great time registering! It gave us a chance to see what styles we were drawn to and really narrow down what theme we’re going to pick for the baby (between you & me, we already picked a theme 😉 )

Of course, there’s still stuff we need to add to our registry, but we feel like we got the gist of what we’ll need. Let me tell you – it’s a lot. Babies need so much stuff. It’s crazy!



Okay, one more thing before I sign-off for the day. Sunday, I met with one of my photography clients to give her her products. I had met with her earlier in my pregnancy and shared my exciting news with her. When we met up yesterday, I was so surprised when she handed me this little blanket as a congratulations gift.


I was so touched! She told me she follows my blog so she could keep up with my pregnancy + baby, so I felt like I had to give her a little shout-out! 😉

Baby Shaver & I are so blessed already! ❤

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