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only 1 picture!?

Ever since Aaron & I announced online that we’re expecting, I have LOVED blogging about our little one! My first clues that I might be pregnant, telling our families & some of our best friends, bump updates, and registering (part 1 anyway 😛 ). It’s been so fun for me to write about it all and having you guys respond and share some of your own experiences has been awesome. I love every minute of it and it only makes me want to blog even more.

But, even though I’ve had a seemingly easy 1st trimester compared to some other women, it’s still very hard on me – mainly because it’s my first pregnancy. Physically & emotionally, it’s been a challenge, and I’ve had to learn a lot about myself just to cope with the new changes. I just started my 11th week of pregnancy (bump update will be on Friday per usual 😉 ) and even though I am feeling better then when I first found out I was pregnant, I’m definitely not 100% back to “normal.”

For example, I used to be so good at taking photos of my life, and now I look at my phone and I haven’t taken a picture in over a week (that’s a long time for me). We had a somewhat active weekend compared to the last few weeks, and yet I only took one picture and it was on my Snapchat (fearlessrain if you want to follow me – don’t ask about the name, I came up with it in high school). Poor quality & I look exhausted (but seriously, when am I not exhausted these days!? haha).


One thing I’ve been learning is that pregnancy requires a lot of grace. Accepting grace from others (like when you lose the car key and 3 people are frantically looking for it only to discover the pregnant woman left it in the ignition (it wasn’t on, I had turned off the car and just never pulled the key out)….yeah, that’s a true story!) and a lot of grace has to be given to yourself. Growing this little human takes a lot out of my body and I’m learning every day what my body needs in order to keep going. Water is my best friend & Aaron calls me “Sleeping Beauty” because I sleep so much. I’m just thankful I’m around people who are willing to give me the grace I need, so all I have to remember is to keep giving it to myself.

It’s a long journey ahead, but I’m looking forward to it. Just don’t be too surprised if I don’t take as many pictures 😉

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