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what about….?

Pregnancy can change a lot of things. I know for me, it’s made me make some decisions that I wouldn’t have made at all if I wasn’t growing a person. Here’s a list of a few things that “was a plan but now isn’t a plan” ::



1.What about that 5k in May?


Some of you may remember my post back in February “training plan for my first 5k.” I was going to star training for the Color Run that was happened in Birmingham this coming May, and I was really excited about it. It’s been a bucket list item for me to run a 5k AND be apart of a Color Run, so I was excited to cross two bucket list items off at once. Unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable running. So, I’ve decided to pass on this endeavor for now, but I’m thinking it might be a good way to get back into shape after the baby comes…. 😉

2. Are you still doing SMS Photography?



I’ve had quite a few people ask me about this one, and for obvious reasons. SMS Photography was starting to get some traction here in Birmingham before I got pregnant, but I tried to do a couple shoots after I found out the big news and it quickly became evident to me that it was immensely more difficult for me. I’ve decided I want to get more into the wedding field anyway, and do other shoots (maternity, babies, etc.) upon request. This is perfect because it means I can be booking for 2017 (a few months after the baby is here). Most 2016 brides have already picked their photographer at this point anyway, so it really makes the most sense. I’m excited about it too!

So all that to say – yes, I am still doing SMS Photography, I’m just not taking any bookings until 2017.

3. Are you & Aaron still going to school in August?


Yes. We do still plan on attending Highlands College this coming August.

4. Will you be flying up to Seattle after the baby is born?


No. We might come up when the baby is 6 or 7 months old, but I refuse to fly 3,000 miles with a newborn. I am not going to be THAT person. haha.




Those are the most common questions I’ve gotten, but if you have a questions I didn’t address in this post, feel free to let me know! 🙂

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