being rylie

2nd Dr. appointment

Yesterday was my 2nd Dr’s appointment for our little person. I wasn’t as nervous / anxious as I was before our 1st visit, but I still had a little but of anxiousness because I didn’t know what they were going to do to me (haha).

Our appointment was at 9:45am so we got there a little early and I signed in at the front desk. They quickly called my name and I went into the back where they took my weight, blood pressure, and had me fill out a couple more forms.

After that, they put us in a room while we waited for the Doctor. Before the Doctor came, the ultrasound gal came in and brought a “handheld ultrasound thingy” with her. She placed it on my stomach and instantly we saw our baby. I was so excited because this time it definitely looked like a little person! There was clearly a head, nose, body, arms and legs. She pointed to a little flickering white dot and said that was the heat beating. I could have stared at that thing for hours. But she lifted the device off my stomach and said she’d see us at our next appointment.

Shortly after, the doctor came in and told us both the baby & I were very healthy. Those are my favorite words to hear!

After we were done talking to her, I had to go to the lab so they could take some blood. This is definitely NOT my strong-suit. I have never been good with blood, especially it leaving my body at a doctors office. According to the ladies, I did a great job, but I did get really light headed by the end so they made me put my head between my legs and gave me orange juice.


Overall, it was a good appointment. The highlight was seeing our baby on that little screen for sure! That will probably always be the highlight though 😉

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