being rylie

our 1st registry gift

Fun Fact about the Shaver household – our mailman hates us.


Maybe “hate” is a strong word, but we are definitely not on his “favorite” list.


We live on some property, and we have a long driveway from the road to the house. My in-laws have dogs that they let roam the property. Now, I LOVE dogs, and these pups are no exception, but our mailman must have had a traumatic experience because he literally REFUSES to come down our driveway in his car to deliver anything that won’t fit into the mailbox. When we first moved here, he came down our driveway a couple times but quickly, and not in a very friendly way, told us he “couldn’t” deliver our packages because of the dogs. (Our weekend mailman though will come up the driveway no problem if we have a package being delivered that day, so we know it’s just our weekday mailman who has issues….).


Anyway, all that to say, we get those brown slips of paper telling us to go to the actual post office to pick up our package(s). We’re pretty sure this mailman sees our last name and writes the slip up before he’s even left the office in the morning. 😛

Yesterday, I went to the post office to pickup a package. When the gal handed it to me, it was a medium brown box and I had no idea who it was from or what it could be. I opened half of the box and pulled out the paper laying across the top. I instantly saw “BABIES R US” so I shoved the paper back in the box and shut it because I wanted to open it with Aaron.

A few hours later, Aaron was off work and we had a moment to open this mysterious package together. We both pulled different sides of the box and pushed aside the packaging. Our faces lit up when we saw these treasures inside ::


I looked at the paper I had seen before and scanned it for the name of who could have sent us our 1st registry gift. I finally found it and it was my coworker / close friend from my office job in Seattle. A smile immediately appeared on my face.


Moments like this make me realize I am so blessed beyond measure. I can’t help but smile when I think about that! 🙂




If you want to see what we put on our Babies R Us registry, you’re more than welcome to check it out! Click HERE to see it.

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