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freedom conference 2016

Every semester, Church of the Highlands offers small groups where you get together with other members in the church family once a week to do something that interests you – whether that be studying the Bible or doing an activity such as hiking or crafts. The skies the limit with small groups, so you’re bound to find one that fits you. It what makes our mega-church a small church. 😉

The small group I did this semester is called “Freedom” – it’s a very popular small group (many people host it), and understandably so. It’s designed to help you get to know God better, understand how he really sees you, and helps you settle things in the past that are hindering you from moving forward and embracing all that God has in store for you.

At the end of the semester, there is a Freedom Conference where they give you the opportunity to get prayer, spend time with God, and truly leave your past in the past.


Although I knew I had a couple things to settle, the conference made me realize I had a couple others that I had buried deep down and only by “pealing the onion” was it ever going to surface – which it did and I got healing and freedom for them. It was a very emotional conference, lots of tears from everyone in the room (including me), but they were tears of healing.


Here were the ladies in my group who made it to the conference. I was the youngest in the group, but I learned something from each lady, and I am thankful to know them 🙂


Especially the small group leader, Leigh. She became my spiritual mentor / friend and I love her! We are very similar and knowing I can have her speak truth into my life is so precious to me.


Overall, it was a life-changing conference – as it was meant to be. It only swells my heart a little more about how amazing our church is. I wish everyone could get understanding & healing like I have and so many others have – it would truly change the world for the better.

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