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my 1st mother’s day

As all of you know, Sunday (May 8th) was Mother’s Day. I had a couple different people tell me throughout the week that I needed to celebrate this year because I am now a mom. Talk about putting things into perspective! 😛

When Sunday came, we went to church where our pastor preached a message on Sarah (how perfect 😉 ). After church, we went out to lunch with the in-laws to celebrate.


We talked about the Freedom Conference that had just wrapped up the day before and what our plans were for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, duty called for Aaron and he had to leave to go to work. I was determined to get a picture with him so Amberlyn took one for us. I tried my best to get my bump to show, but it was being a little stubborn… 😛


{celebrating my very 1st Mother’s Day. Thankful for my little, growing family!}

Aaron headed out, we got boxes for our leftovers (I didn’t have any surprisingly), and we were just waiting on the check when our waiter brought out a couple of desserts for Mom & MeeMaw in celebration of Mother’s Day. Rick quickly told him that I was a mom as well and he ran back to get me a dessert too.


It was such a surprise (I’m not used to getting gestures like this on Mother’s Day) and it was delicious!

The rest of the day I chilled and watched a movie or two before heading to bed early. It was a great day and I’m still so honored to have even been celebrated. It’s the easiest Mother’s Day I’ll ever get 😛

I hope your Mother’s Day was something special as well! ❤ We love you moms!

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