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bump update :: week 13

Week 13


Symptoms :: My stomach / abdomen muscles have been really sore this week. Kind of like you did a really intense ab workout and the next day the muscles kind of hurt. It feels like that, but all the time.

Food Aversions :: beef (still… haha. I think I might just be scared to try to eat it 😛 )

Food Cravings :: healthy food – fruits, veggies, etc.

Sleep :: getting comfortable enough to fall asleep is getting harder and harder. When I finally do fall asleep, I probably get about 6 / 8 hours. Some days I wake up at 6am and can’t fall back asleep, and other days I wake up at 9am. It kind of depends I guess.

Looking Forward To :: finding out the gender!

Baby Purchases :: nothing.

Fun Stories :: Aaron and I will be finding out the gender of the baby next month (whoop whoop!), and we are so excited! One day, we were talking about first names (we’ve actually already picked them 😉 ) + middle names (we’re 90% sure we’ve got those too 😛 ). We were on the girl’s name and we were playing around with a couple middle names when Aaron’s mom came into the room. Just as she walked in, Aaron blurted out a “joke name” (basically the first name we picked along with a goofy, not real middle name). My eyes got huge as I firmly and probably in an annoyed tone said, “AARON!!!!!!” (I reacted that way because we’re not telling anyone the name(s) yet and I worried she had heard it.) His eyes instantly got big too as he realized what had happened. We both started laughing and his mom (thankfully) was completely clueless and hadn’t heard a thing.


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