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bump update :: week 14

Week 14


Symptoms :: My stomach / abdomen muscles decided to go into cramping mode Sunday & Monday this week. It was so uncomfortable but after expressing my concern to a couple ladies who had been pregnant before, they said it was likely just gas… I also got a cold, which never helps anything…

Food Aversions :: nothing really. I just don’t eat what doesn’t sound good.

Food Cravings :: surprisingly, nothing specific.

Sleep :: this week I’ve slept horribly! It takes me a bit to fall asleep and I wake up multiple times throughout the night.

Looking Forward To :: finding out the gender! We’re so close…

Baby Purchases :: a body pillow for me, a Disney Pixar onesie & an M&M hat.

Fun Stories :: Aaron put his hand over my stomach (something he does fairly often) and he looked up at me with wide eyes. “Do you see that?” he asked, “See what?” I replied. “Look down!” I looked down and still wasn’t seeing what he was talking about. “The left side of your stomach is slightly bigger than your right….” Sure enough, once Aaron pointed it out to me, I noticed it. “WOAH!!! That’s so weird!!!!” I said. Our theory was the babies head was over there or it’s whole body. It was so crazy to see.

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