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…& then you kicked me

dear baby,

something very special happened yesterday at 4pm (CST). i felt you kick me for the very first time! it was a firm, strong kick and definitely left no room to question if it was you. i’m not sure if you were napping, playing, or just hanging out, but you made it very evident that you were there.


if i’m being honest, up until that moment, i didn’t feel like i had a personal connection with you. i knew you were in me, and i’ve tried to give you good things to eat and drink, but i felt like i was missing that “mom+baby connection.” but i know you weren’t missing anything, because this video is how i imagine you talk to me every day.


we are only half way through this journey, but that means that by this time next week, we will know if you are a boy or a girl. your daddy and i are so beyond excited to find out, but no matter which one God created you to be, you are so loved. we’ve even picked out a name for you – i hope you like it!

thank you for letting me feel your foot yesterday! it was very exciting and sparked a personal connection that only a mom can have with her baby, and i am so thankful to know that that connection you sparked with me will only continue to grow.

a million hugs & kisses to you my little one,


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