being rylie, pregnancy, the shaver crew

1 week later…

We’ve officially known our little one is a girl for a full week now, and it’s been surreal. Aaron and I have LOVED looking at girl things, and dreaming about what we want for our daughter – both material and emotional.

Rylie is so loved already, it’s amazing.

We melt every time we get to call her by her name – it makes the whole experience feel even more real.


One thing that has been really special is Aaron has started talking to her more. Sometimes we’ll be lying on the couch and he’ll lay down next to me and touch my stomach and say something endearing to her. It’s probably one of the sweetest things I’ve ever experienced.


Rylie isn’t a baby that moves all the time, but I do feel her inside of me often – whether she’s kicking, stretching, or just moving herself. She loves to move around meal times. I don’t know if it’s her way of telling me she’s enjoying the food I’m eating or if she just feels like repositioning herself and it just happens to be at the same time. A couple other times she’s moved is when we’re listening to music (I like to picture her dancing) and sometimes when I’ll talk to her.


Knowing we’re having a girl has brought a whirlwind of emotions for me, but nothing more then joy! I am in love with her and I know that love will only continue to grow. ❤

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