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bump update :: week 20

Week 20


Symptoms :: My lower back has started to become super uncomfortable towards the end of the day, which sucks! And my sleep hasn’t been as solid as it used to be.

Food Aversions :: Nothing really…

Food Cravings :: Nachos

Sleep :: I wake up multiple times throughout the night… whether it’s to turn over or go to the bathroom.

Looking Forward To :: Organizing the baby space + deciding how we want to decorate it. (you can tell in the picture that we’ve already started to make some progress 🙂 )

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: Aaron & I were getting ready to run some errands the other day so I put on some shorts and we headed out the door. Shortly after, I said, “these shorts have gotten tighter…” Aaron looked at me and said, “that’s because you’re pregnant and getting bigger.” I shook my head and said, “nah – I just washed them, so they must have shrunk a little.” A big smile appeared on my face (because I knew my excuse wasn’t the real reason they were tighter) and Aaron immediately started laughing! 😛

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