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the july hike

Many people wouldn’t think this of Alabama, but there are actually quite a few great places to go hiking. Being that it’s summer and exercise is always a bonus, I’ve made it a point to get out and explore a couple trails. It somehow came up in conversation with my friend Leiza and she was all about coming and bringing her 3 girls. We did a hike last month and decided to make it a monthly thing, so when July came around, we picked a date. I guess you could call Leiza & I “hiking buddies.” Yesterday was our hiking day so we got up, packed a lunch and some extra water (because it was going to be a hot morning), met up and drove together to our spot. We went to Oak Mountain which is beautiful (even though you have to pay to get in). Our hike was 2.5 miles and we got it done in less then 2 hours (which is a big deal since we had toddlers to handle).






After we got back to the car from our hike, we took a quick water break.




Then we took a scenic drive to where there was a overlook and we enjoyed our PB&J lunch.







As usual, we had a great time! We’re already planning our next hike for August – but we’re thinking no kids for that one… 😛


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