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bump update :: week 23

Week 23


Symptoms :: Rylie is definitely growing, and so is my belly (and I feel is all). So lower back pain and uncomfortable abs are kind of a normal thing now.

Food Aversions :: Bacon (including turkey bacon)

Food Cravings :: Fruit mostly.

Sleep :: I don’t know what it is, but sleep is a constant struggle. I never seem to wake up feeling like a got a full nights rest.

Looking Forward To :: Taking Maternity pictures with Aaron ❤ I’m kind of on a maternity picture high since the shoot we did in the rain 😉

Baby Purchases :: Nothing this week.

Fun Stories :: This week I actually have a few fun stories to share –

  1. We had a doctors appointment earlier this week and we haven’t been there since we found out we’re having a girl. While we were waiting to see my doctor, I giggled and said to Aaron, “What if she walks in and asks, ‘so we know we’re having a boy, right!?’ Then we’d have to tell people ‘S…I….K…E… it’s a boy…'” Aaron laughed and said that would be kind of awkward, especially since we’ve started buying girl stuff. So the doctor came in and said, “How was y’alls party?” (she was referring to our gender reveal) we smiled and said it was good, and with a smile and two thumbs up she said, “Girl!?” “Yup!” we said with equal excitement. I shared with her my funny thought and she laughed and agreed that’d be a little inconvenient. After we had asked our questions, we got up to leave and I said, “and it’s a girl – so we’re all on the same page!” and my doctor laughed and nodded her head.
  2. During the doctor’s appointment, we got to hear the heartbeat. When the sound came up, Aaron said, “gahh man, I’d pay to get a soundtrack of that!” My doctor looked at him and said, “I know, right!? Isn’t it the best sound in the world!?” 😀
  3. Aaron, Amberlyn and I were watching a movie and I felt Rylie kick hard enough that it could probably be felt from the outside (sometimes she can kick and I can tell no one will be able to feel it except me). Since Amberlyn was right next to me, I asked if she wanted to feel and she said “YES!” with lots of excitement. She placed her hand lightly on my belly and a minute later, Rylie said hello. Amberlyn quietly screamed and pulled her hand away with the biggest smile on her face. It was so cute!

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