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photographing the day-to-day

The other day, I had a realization…

I’m 5 months pregnant. Which means I only have 4 months left. Which means Rylie will be here in 16 weeks (assuming she goes the full 40 weeks).

Uh, yeah… that’s kinda crazy 😀

On SATURDAY (July 23rd), I woke up, fixed some breakfast, and then enjoyed some time in my Bible. After that, I went onto my computer and stalked a photographer’s blog which was full of tips of how to incorporate photography into your day-to-day life (an area I feel like I really struggle in). Then I made lunch, Aaron came home from work, and we had the afternoon / evening together. It was so relaxing and yet I felt really accomplished by the end of the day.


Like I said above, I feel like I really struggle with taking actual good photos of my day-to-day life. I seem to reserve my DSLRs for clients and they stay packed away until my next session. Any photos I capture of life are purely from my phone. Not necessarily the best quality and I certainly don’t put a lot of thought into the pictures like I do for my clients.

I’ve always been the person who documents life in our family. I’m the one who loves to take pictures, edit little clips to make short films, and blog. It’s “my thing” I guess you could call it. Obviously, this is something that I want to continue as I enter motherhood. Babies don’t stay babies for very long, and when Rylie is a teenager, I want to be able to look back at photos, videos, etc. and remember what life was like when  she was that small.

So I am really challenging myself to capture the rest of this pregnancy in a creative, artistic way. That way, when Rylie comes, it’ll be just apart of my routine. 🙂

Wish me luck 😉


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