highlands worship cd

SUNDAY (July 24th) our church released to the congregation their newest project –

Highlands Worship – Here I Surrender CD


if you need me, I’ll be listening to @churchofthehighlands‘s new album

They are releasing it to the world this Friday (July 29th) and it will be available on iTunes + Spodify but they wanted to make it available for Church of the Highlands attendees early. And not only were they selling the product to us at cost ($5) but our pastor also said that he wasn’t even interested in the $5, he said we could just grab them. “You already paid for it with your giving so it’s technically already yours!” he told us before he began his sermon.


I’m constantly amazed by his generosity and mindset. It makes me all the more proud (if that’s possible) to be apart of such an amazing church!

Sure enough, it’s pretty much all I’ve listened to since I got it. So make sure you get yourself a copy when it’s released. It’ll be on Spodify too so if nothing else, give it a listen on there.

Worship is so powerful.

I pray that just by listening to these tracks, you can encounter God and He brings you peace about whatever situation you may be facing.

Much love my friends!

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