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memories that will last

It’s almost the end of July (wait, what!?) which means that summer is almost over here in Alabama. School will start in a couple weeks, the fall weather will slowly start to creep in (I am so excited for this part! Fall is my absolute favorite season), and the holidays will be right around the corner. So with only weeks left before we have to get back into a routine, I have a very important question to ask you –

Have you been making memories that will last past the summer?


We have so much technology these days, that finding a device to capture a photo or video is almost impossible. How many pictures have you taken? How many have you shared?

Something that I personally love doing at the end of summer is do a recap. Before I had a blog, I would look through all the photos I had posted over the 3 months and reminisce over the fond memories I had made with friends and family. But now that I do blog, I turn it into a blog post.

This blog entry is meant to encourage you – encourage you that as your summer ends, document it! Document the details, like the rocks you picked up on the beach. Photograph the group of friends that you met for breakfast weekly or that family member that you got to know better of the summer. They don’t have to be “professional photographer worthy” photos, they just need to be real and be able to take you back to that moment in time.


I also encourage you though to have a couple memories that are just yours. No phones. No pictures. A memory that Instagram doesn’t know about. It’s okay to not share every part of your life with the internet – however, I know it can be fun! 😉


All that to say, I hope you feel motivated to get out today and do something uniquely fun and capture it. You never know – today could be the best day of your life! 🙂


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