21 days of prayer – 2016 overview

On August 7th, the first day of 21 Days of Prayer kicked off. I was differently excited about this season of 21 days of prayer compared to the one in January because of two reasons –

  1. We weren’t fasting, so I could still eat a few cookies 😉
  2. It would help get me in a habit of prayer and spending time with God every day before this busy season of our life began ~ school, work, baby, etc.


My goal (as is with every 21 days of prayer that I’ve been apart of since moving here and attending the church full time) was to attend prayer at our campus every day. Thankfully, I was able to accomplish that and can proudly say that I never missed a day of morning prayer! 😀 I won’t lie and say it was easy, because let’s be honest, getting up at 5:30am every day is hard enough without adding being 7 months pregnant on to it – but it was so worth it and I am so glad I made the sacrifice to fully participate!


Although I went into these 21 days with a few prayer requests that I made a point to pray for every day, I found myself adding to that list as time went on. Some days, I had to focus on one specific area / request because it was so heavy on my heart that I couldn’t bring myself to pray long on anything else – and I found so much comfort from God on those days. He really, truly does care for us and wants to ease our hearts. The trick is letting him.

I can’t sit here and tell you that all my prayer requests were answered within these past 3 weeks, but I know God heard my prayers and both Aaron and I saw movement in the areas we’d been praying for. Just because we didn’t get an answer, doesn’t mean we never will. God is faithful and he is our provider. I have no doubt that the desires of my heart will be met, eventually. 😉


As always, I am so thankful to be apart of a church that values prayer so deeply and takes the time to TEACH US how to pray. It’s not something I did often growing up so it’s been a learning point for me within the last couple years, but I can see the growth in myself every day and I am so proud of that.


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