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bump update :: week 29

Week 29


Symptoms :: Back pain is a normal thing now. So is going to the bathroom a ton. One thing that is new this week is I’m very aware of when my body doesn’t have enough of something (nutrient wise). I suddenly will feel somewhat weak of light-headed, so I try to get a good mix of every food group I need throughout the day.

Food Aversions :: Nothing specific.

Food Cravings :: Ice Cream (I’ve pretty much craved this every day), Yogurt, and Pineapple have been the recurring ones this week.

Sleep ::  Some nights are great, others are not. Occasionally I’ll wake up to a leg or foot cramp, and I still  get up 1 or 2 times a night to use the bathroom and wake up throughout to turn over.

Looking Forward To :: Getting invites out for our baby shower. So many people have asked me if we’re having one so I’ll be doing that over the weekend 🙂

Baby Purchases :: Nothing this week. We were blessed by some friends though who gave us a few things we didn’t have yet.

Fun Stories :: The last couple bump updates you’ve read about how Rylie loves to move around. Well this week was no exception. But, she has gotten bigger (and I haven’t as much as I have in previous weeks) so I can feel her WAY more easily and she’ll stick herself out so much that I can (for the most part) tell what body part is where. For example, the other day I knew her head was down by my hip because of the way my stomach was poking out and I kept getting kicked in my right rib. It was definitely not the most comfortable feeling in the world.

Another example of this is I knew she was laying across my stomach with her back facing outwards because, again, of how my stomach was popped out and how hard it felt in certain places. I also would get sucker-kicked in my side which was “fine” except it surprised me at first and I was in school… 😛 Luckily it happened during a break, but Aaron still looked at me with wide-eyes and a smile and said, “Are you going to do that during class when it’s dead silent?” hahaha. Thankfully, she fell asleep which was good because it was hard enough for me to focus (that’s another story – go read my blog post about school).

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