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registering – round #2

You may recall I did a post about our first baby registering experience at Babies R Us back in April. Well, welcome to round #2 as we are now registered at Buy Buy Baby.

Aaron didn’t have a huge desire to look through the baby stuff (again), so I invited Amberlyn to be apart of the experience.


You better believe this 7 month pregnant lady took advantage of this parking spot! 😉

We went into the store and walked straight to the “Baby Registry” table where we got to sit in fancy, comfy, over-priced rocking chairs while I filled out some paperwork to set up the account.


(I screen-shoot this from Amberlyn’s Snapchat because I liked the picture 😛 )

After we were in the system, they handed us our spaw-gun to start scanning products.


Amberlyn and I took turns scanning items that I knew Aaron and I still needed.

Every now and then, Amberlyn would point to something and ask if we needed that item, and I (much to my surprise) would reply, “No, we already have that.” I was amazed at how many times I said that, and about big items that a month ago I still had on my “need to get” list. It was a sweet reminder of how blessed we’ve been and continue to be! So much has been given to us by friends or we have found for mere pennies at the thrift store and I am so thankful! God has truly blessed us throughout this process and the baby stuff we have is a little reminder of that.

We weren’t in there for more then an hour before we had walked the whole store and scanned what was necessary.

Registering for baby Shaver = DONE! 😀

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