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birthday / babymoon weekend

This last weekend (September 9th-11th), Aaron & I had the opportunity to go to a city outside of Atlanta for the weekend and stay at a nice hotel.



Even though it was also a babymoon, it was mostly to celebrate Aaron’s birthday, so on FRIDAY night, after we were settled in our room, we went to a Seafood Buffet the hotel’s restaurant was hosting.


Unlimited crab – Aaron was ecstatic!


He probably had 3 or 4 overflowing plates of crab and 2 full plates of other delicious food. Not to mention dessert. We definitely went to bed with full stomachs 🙂


On SATURDAY (Aaron’s actual birthday), he had one request. I think his Facebook post says it the best :

WOOH!!! I have an activity filled birthday coming up. Yep, AN activity, just one. I am going to cuddle with my wife as we binge-watch season 3 of Blacklist!! HERE WE GO!!!

I kid you not, from the time we got up to almost 11pm, we binged watched Netflix.


I kept asking if he was having a good birthday, and he would smile real big and say, “yes – I’m having a great birthday!” As long as he was happy, I was happy. And it was really nice to have a day out of the house and not do anything. Sweats, Netflix, my husband – it was a great day for me too.

SUNDAY we had an early checkout, so we got up, watched church online (so thankful for technology so that we can still go to church even one state away), and then packed up.

Since we had spent Saturday so productively (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice? 😉 ), I hadn’t looked at my phone at all, but I still felt like I should post a little something online for my hubs – so I took a selfie with my polaroid (not an easy thing to do I might add) and posted this :


my man is 23! I am beyond blessed by you. you are not just my husband, but my best friend, father to my child, & person I look up to. you are such an inspiration to me & I admire you in so many ways. I love you to infinity & beyond Aaron!

We got home early Sunday afternoon.

Overall, it was a phenomenal weekend! As we pulled into the driveway, we both agreed it seemed to go by way too fast, but we were so thankful to have a little time away to rest and hang out just the two of us before we become a family of 3.


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