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captain america – civil war

So for those of you who don’t know, Captain America Civil War came out today! 😀

Being a huge Captain America fan (no seriously, he’s my favorite superhero), I’ve been looking forward to being able to own this movie since I saw it opening day in the theaters.


I feel like everyone has a favorite superhero. Having a favorite doesn’t mean you dislike the others though, it just means out of all of them, you will always love that one.

Aaron and I both have superheros that we favor above the others. His is Batman, mine is Cap.


For birthdays and Christmas, if you’re needing to find me a gift, you can never go wrong with something Captain America. For this past birthday, Aaron got me fuzzy socks that had Cap’s colors and shield symbol, a coin bank & a plush doll that came with a little blanket. I use them all and love them!

I also have a couple shirts and a hat. And since the movie came out today, I thought I’d rep (bump and all) 😛


Have you gathered I’m a fan yet? haha.

Anyway, just thought I’d remind you that the movie came out today, so go to your local store and buy it! 🙂 It’s only one of the best Marvel movies (possible THE best Marvel movie) to date.

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