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bump update :: week 32

Week 32


Symptoms :: This little one is still growing, so I still get physically tired VERY easily. I also officially waddle when I walk 😛

Food Aversions :: Nothing specific

Food Cravings :: Juice

Sleep :: I haven’t been sleeping well lately and I’m not sure why… Last night I got up 3 times to use the restroom too.

Looking Forward To :: Taking our Maternity pictures (hopefully next weekend)

Baby Purchases :: A couple onsies

Fun Stories :: Aaron was off work the other day and was making himself breakfast while I sat at the dining room table. It was completely silent and all of a sudden I heard a huge gasp. Aaron turned around with wide-eyes and the look of complete shock on his face. “What?” I asked, “You okay?” “I just realized,” he began, “that she’ll be here in 8 weeks or less!” I nodded and his face instantly turned from shock to excitement. It was precious! ❤

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