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recreate women’s conference 2016

This year, I got to attend Church of the Highland‘s ReCreate Women’s Conference.


Right when Michelle (my mother-in-law) and I walked in Friday (9.23.16) night, we instantly were welcomed by a swarm of Dream Teamers (volunteers) who welcomed us and handed us a little package that included our bracelet to be able to get in.


Once we had gotten our welcome package, we went into the gift shop since we had some time to kill before the first session.


It was packed full of goodies and it was enjoyable to window shop. However, Michelle did end up buying us both a shirt (which we both wore the next day 😉 ).

The conference began at 7pm on the dot with worship, followed by an incredible message from Christine Caine. She was phenomenal and talked about living unashamed – a topic very near to her heart.

I have to replace the facts of my circumstances with the word of God.

The teaching ended at 9pm but was followed by an after party. They had Moe’s cater and we each could make our own nacho trey.


As if that wasn’t enough, they had 3 food-trucks serving desserts – ice cream, mini cupcakes and doughnuts. Cupcakes and doughnuts were calling our names so we walked over and gabbed those.



I wish I would’ve been able to get another doughnut – they were heavenly! 😉

The night finished off with a firework show behind the parking garage. I took a few pictures, but no one wants to see a dozen pictures of fireworks, so here’s one 😛



The next morning (Saturday, 9.24.16) we were up bright and early so that we could make it to the campus around 8am.


We met up with our girlfriends, found our seats (one row up from where we had sat the night before), and enjoyed another kickoff of worship. The first morning session message was, once again, from Christine Caine. She had so much wisdom flowing out of her, I’m remiss I couldn’t write it all down.

Don’t let what people have said, done, etc. be bigger then what Jesus has done for you!

After a quick break, there was a Q&A session with Pastor Chris + Tammy which was hilarious and so full of wisdom. They mainly talked about parenting and their marriage as they did ministry, so I took lots of notes.

Finally, it was time for lunch! Newk’s (one of my favorite “southern only” restaurants) catered it. We grabbed our boxes and sat on the lawn while we enjoyed a small salad & sandwich.


After all our food had been eaten, the girlfriends I met up with (who are actually in my Highland’s College class) and I decided to take a picture before the afternoon sessions.


The afternoon sessions were overpowered by Andi Andrew who was also phenomenal. Wisdom was just overflowing out of her and I found myself wishing I could write every word that came out of mouth.

You have to be willing to go where the pain is because that is where the process is / comes.

We have to be committed to the process!




Overall, the conference was wonderful and I am so thankful I got to go and share it with these new friends! 🙂

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